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Swedish/Integrative Massage: The essence of massage therapy…comforting music, soft lighting and traditional massage techniques to relax, refresh, and restore the body.

30 Minutes – $45.00             60 Minutes – $75.00              90 Minutes – $105.00


LOTUS TREE MASSAGE PACKAGE: Purchase (2) 60 minute massages for $130.00 [Save $20] Please use massages within two months of purchase.

4 SEASONS MASSAGE PACKAGE: Purchase (4) 90 minute massages for $370 [Save $50]. Option to pay for half of the package at first session. 

  • Winter (Fire & Light Massage): December, January or February
  • Spring (Secret Garden Massage): March, April or May
  • Summer (Blue Skies Massage): June, July or August
  • Autumn (Falling Leaves Massage): September, October or November

The best of what Lotus Tree has to offer: Integrative massage with sessions that will incorporate either Hot Stones and Warm Bamboo, Reflexology and Reiki Energy work. Each massage will reflect the season’s intentions incorporating specific massage techniques, essential oils, facial massage with stones, hot towels for the feet, etc. Ideal package for those who may not be able to come as regularly, but still want to incorporate massage and wellness into their lives. This package may not be shared or substituted for other services. 


Bamboo Fusion “Deep Tissue” Massage(90 Minutes – $105.00) Warm bamboo is massaged over the entire body offering a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. The warming of the muscles from the bamboo and the heat provide an ideal “deep tissue” massage.

Hot Stone Massage:  (90 Minutes – $105.00) Heated Basalt stones are massaged on the body with light pressure to increase circulation and relax tense muscles. Swedish massage is applied after the heated stones to work deeper into the muscle systems while bringing about a feeling of relaxation and peace.

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Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST): (60 Minutes – $75.00) CST is a gentle, hands-on method of enhancing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), blood and lymph. This facilitates the body’s natural healing. CST incorporates intention, energy, and very little pressure (about 5 grams) on the areas of the skull and sacrum. The work is subtle and intuitive and can have a profound, healing effect allowing the body to unwind and release long-held restrictions. (Client remains fully clothed) Elements of CST can also be incorporated in a traditional massage. Please wear comfortable clothing, no jeans).

Reiki Energy Healing/ Therapeutic Touch: (60 Minutes – $75.00) Pronounced ray-kee in Japanese, is “Universal Life Energy.” This laying on of hands is a healing technique that blends Therapeutic Touch to open and balance the client’s energy system and Reiki to transmit healing energy. Client remains fully clothed for this treatment or elements of this work can be combined in a regular massage session.

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Reflexology: (60 Minutes – $75.00) An ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-point massage on the feet and ears to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body. Your reflexology session also includes, Peppermint-infused Hot Towels, Hot Stone foot massage, Aromatherapy and heated pillows on the eyes and body for additional comfort and relaxation.

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Gift Certificates can be purchased in person or online gift card. Give the gift of relaxation and well-being to your friends, family, loved ones, even to yourself. If you received a gift certificate, but are not in my scheduling system, please contact me directly to set up your appointment. Don’t forget to print your Gift Certificate Voucher!! If you were not able to do this, please contact me and I can mail or email you a copy to give.