“I wanted you to know that upon leaving your studio, my chest and heart area felt so much lighter and pain-free. Then I had a good day at work. Thank you also for your compassion and kindness; I’m blessed to have found you in the mélange of massage therapists out there!” Diane S.

“There is a great flow to your massage where I feel relaxed in my entire body physically and spiritually, and not just one part being worked on. I can feel intention being set and even when your hands move to a different part of my body, there is no disconnect in the massage.” Ray P.

“Susan Unes is a very talented massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. Because I knew I wanted the healing work of massage and Reiki, I called Susan even though I felt uncomfortable with being touched. Susan compassionately listened to my concerns, and we were able to devise some verbal and nonverbal signals to communicate my needs for more or less pressure or massage on more or less of my body. Susan is always respectful and uses layers of coverings to help me feel safe, protected and respected.” – Anonymous

“You are wonderful! You’re so talented.” – K.S.

“It was transformational. I wasn’t asleep and I wasn’t awake- I was somewhere else.” – Scott U.

“This is my first experience with Reiki. I asked, in particular, for help with grounding. Each session is a combination of Reiki and massage and ends with some Reiki at my head and feet. When I leave, I always feel grounded and refreshed.” – Anonymous

“I feel so good, I don’t want to go to the grocery store now.” – Roxie D.

“Your office looks and feels amazing.” – Karen H.

“That (massage) was very nice. Nice touch adding Hot Stones to my massage. It was an unexpected treat.” – Mary W.

“I especially love Susan’s warm, kind spirit and the warm heart-shaped pillow that she places over my heart.” – Anonymous

 “I appreciate your kind and gentle healing touch, and your willingness to listen to my needs for proper pressure.”  Thank you!  – MW

“I love Lotus Tree!” – M.B.

You have the hands of a goddess.” – Megan

Truly the best massage I’ve ever had.”- Lisa A

Highly recommended. Susan is friendly, professional, and I walked away from my appointment feeling better than I have in weeks.” – Joanna H.

God has given you wonderful hands.” – Mickey R